I’ve had a blog running at one site or another for well over a decade1. A while back I set up this site, with the intention of moving the blog there at some point or other. Since then I’ve been building the site on and off; which mostly means that I came up with a design, implemented it, then 10-14 months later went back to the site and changed it all.

I’ve just finished the latest iteration of messing around with the design/layout/etc, and it’s at a point that is mostly good enough to actually use. Odds are I’ll still keep messing around with the appearance of this site. I’ve got a few things I’m already considering changing, but it’s all minor stuff. The main structure of of how this will all be presented is sorted, so there’s no reason not to start using it.

I enjoy writing. The intention here is to write for myself and see what happens. I don’t really have a specific topic I want to write about, just what’s rattling around2. I also don’t have a schedule I plan to stick to, other than “more than once a year”.

The first few posts here are cross-posts from my last place. From now on, I’ll be here.

Let’s see what happens.

  1. Where the hell did that go? 

  2. Hence the name of the site